Unlined hooded Cloak

This is a basic cloak that is a great additon to any costume and useful for a variety of venues be it the Queens Faire, midnight assignations, a riotous LARP or All Hallows Eve.

Men's Shirts

A basic mens shirt made of 100% cotton. Very breathable and durable. Can be worn with simply a belt (and pants!) to make a great costume all on it's own.

Irish Chemise

A chemise or “Léine” is a white linen shirt worn to keep sweat and oils off your good fabric. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was both a slip & often a nightgown. This is a primary foundation for most womens costumes.

Custom made Cloaks, Costumes and period apparel

2 Buckle Tartan Kilts

100% cotton canvas modern style kilt .

We have a wide variety of registered tartans available. 


100% cotton canvas modern style kilt with multiple pockets

Men's Pants

Simple drawstring leggings. One size fits most. A very comfortable stretch style pant.

Traditional Irish Kinsale Cloak

The Irish Kinsale Cloak is a traditional garment dating as far back as the 1300′s. More commonly worn by women, this long cloak had a hood which hung down the back that could be turned up to cover the head at any given moment.

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